The Value of Motherhood – Love and Hope for all Mother’s

For EVERY mother who has ever questioned the value and importance of their calling…Your love is one of the greatest gifts and has the power to influence how a person see’s and love’s themselves. Your role is significant and deeply powerful.

For mother’s who have a wonderful connection with their children, I hope you are blessed with continued opportunities to experience love, growth, and laughter.

For mother’s who have perhaps strained or absent relationships, I hope for an abundance of healing and transformation.

For mother’s who have lost children, I hope for an outpour of love, comfort, support, and peace.

For those who long to be mother’s, I hope you are surrounded with love, strength, and clarity.

Wishing you all so much goodness, joy, and a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Center for Discovery

Years ago I worked at Center for Discovery in LA and thankfully, I still have the opportunity to keep in touch with their San Diego team!

Yesterday, I was able to spend some time with Cassie Gaub, San Diego’s clinical outreach representative, who helps connect clients with the right program and support they need.  She is warm, friendly, and like CFD, passionate about personal growth and recovery!

Center for Discovery provides “residential treatment for women with eating disorders, teens with eating disorders, teens with mental health disorders, and teens with substance abuse issues”. For more information, feel free to contact their admissions team, 866.480.3475 or check out their website:

Center for Discovery

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Cirque Lodge hosts an Addiction Professionals Lunch

So grateful for Eial from Cirque Lodge for hosting such an incredible lunch today and bringing together some of the best professionals in the addiction field!

I am ever so grateful for being a part of community that is deeply passionate about bringing hope and healing to those affected by and/or struggling with addiction.

Each of us provides a different level of care with unique specialties. For more information, feel free to check out the websites below:

Cirque Lodge- Eial Fishman (Drug & Alcohol Rehab)

Chris Bennett Interventions- Chris Bennett, Jennifer Tarzia, Tom Dearborn (Interventions & Follow Up Care)

True Life Center for Wellbeing- Elissa Frazao (Drug, Alcohol, and Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program)

Dr. Mary Spease- (Outpatient: Drug/Alcohol Addiction, Loved ones affected by another’s substance/alcohol use or sexually compulsive behaviors)

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New Cost Effective IOP at True Life Center for Wellbeing

I am so honored and humbled to have been asked to lead True Life’s brand new IOP groups beginning May 15th!!!

Dr. Krista Roybal (founder of True Life) is one of the most talented psychiatrists I have had the pleasure of working with and her passion and vision for providing recovery is truly unique. Her knowledge of the complexity of addiction has resulted in True Life’s holistic approach and integrative care.

The IOP groups will continue to honor what True Life is known for and my psycho-educational/relapse prevention based groups will be preceded by clients participation in yoga, nutrition, fitness, and acupuncture.

A lot of thought and compassion has been poured into the development of this new program including mindfulness of finances. This will be an astonishingly affordable path for support and provided by a truly dedicated, compassionate, and talented team.

If you or anyone you know might benefit from such a program, please contact Elissa Frazao at 858.202.1822.

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Montecatini Eating Disorder Treatment

What I was doing today:

•Feeling blessed for the gift of walking alongside my clients in their journey of healing and recovery

•Spending time at the ocean for my own self-care

•Visiting the wonderful staff at Montecatini Treatment Center! Thank you to Elisa & Brittany for their time and sharing more about how Montecatini’s 3 houses create a safe and supportive environment to help women overcome struggles with food and body image. So thankful to have an incredible program right here in San Diego!

(These words were written on a white board in one of the group rooms and I believe it’s worth thinking about)

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