Dr. Mary Spease Testimonials

gray_quotation_marksDr. Spease is an engaged, active and knowledgeable psychotherapist…how this translates in the room with her clients is a style that balances warmth with strength, empathy with directed insight.”

-Barbra J. Payne, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

gray_quotation_marksMary is an empathic, skilled therapist who would be an ideal choice for both individuals and couples…seeking psychotherapy. I urge you to meet with Mary and utilize her experience for personal growth.

-Chris Emerson, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

gray_quotation_marksMary is a highly talented therapist with several gifts. Her ability to empathize helps others feel understood. Her intelligence allows Mary to make treatment decisions. Mary’s strong presence as a therapist tells people that they have made a good decision in seeking Mary’s council.

-Josh Cornell, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

gray_quotation_marksUsually I don’t post reviews for my therapists but I have to take a moment to praise Dr. Spease.  I came in after just getting sober and I had so many issues I had to deal with and I’m so lucky I happened to find Dr. Spease.  She was such an amazing guide for me and honestly she changed my life. She was very good at helping me figure out the things that I wanted from my own life and how to find my voice in getting them.  For a while I felt like her sessions was the only safe place I had, but she was able to show me how to find comfort in my day to day life and for that I am so grateful.